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  1. questionHow can I make my walls look like my wall paper ?
    You need to create the texture of the wall paper in a suitable photo editing software such Microspot PhotoFix and apply it to the walls. To download a demo of Microspot PhotoFix, click here

  2. questionHow do I apply different colors/textures to the same wall or floor ?
    The way to apply different colors and textures to a single wall (bottom half tiled, top half painted) or the same floor (carpet in one room and laminated flooring in another) is to add a very thin useful shape object and apply the color/ texture to that.

  3. questionHow do I apply different colors/textures to walls in the same room ?
    You need to select the walls and ungroup them. Once ungrouped into individual walls, colors and textures can be applied

  4. questionHow do I create a floor without any walls ?
    If you want to create a floor without any walls for such as things as show stands and outdoor displays, create the room using the walls in the required shape, apply the floor and then delete the walls.

  5. questionHow do I do a clean install of Interiors/Interiors Pro ?
    Before you start, make sure you have your serial number handy, it will be required after the re-installation of the product. To find out the serial number, run Interiors/Interiors Pro and from the Interiors/Interiors Pro Menu, select 'Enter Serial Number...', accept the license agreement and a d ...

  6. questionIs there a PC version of Microspot Interiors ?
    No. Microspot Interiors currently only runs on Apple Macintoshes running Mac OS 9.2.2 (version 3.1) and Mac OSX 10.2.8 and above (version 3.4 and above)

  7. questionWhy does my newly purchased Interiors work in demo mode ?
    Make sure you are entering the serial number correctly. Apart from the first four digits, there are no letters "i" or "o" in the serial number, only ones (1) and zeros (0). If you still have problems, please contact technical support giving serial number you are using. Click here to take you to ...

  8. questionWhy is it that each time I select 'Home' view the menu shows Custom menu ticked ?
    Home view is a pre-defined view and it can not be changed. Selecting Home view is a 'spring loaded' effect that it takes you to the pre-defined view but any changes you make there after will result in a custom view.

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