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  1. questionWhy is it that when I double click on a MacDraft document, it is not opened in the latest version?
    When you double click on the document, the system looks for the application that created by it's signature , if there are more than one copy of the application, the system will launch the first one it encounters, which may not be the latest version. Remove all older versions of the application, ...

  2. questionWhy is that soemtimes I can not draw or move objects exactly where I want to ?
    This is to do with grid snapping. Hold down the command key (temporarily disable grid snapping) whilst creating the object or moving it.

  3. questionWhy is there no 'set grid' hierarchy menu in the Layout menu of MacDraft?
    There is an incompatibility issue with MacDraft versions prior to 5.5.2 and Panther version of Mac OS X (10.3). Users of version 5.5.0 and 5.5.1 can obtain a free update to fix this problem. Users of versions prior to 5.5.0 need to contact their local dealer or Microspot with regards to upgradi ...

  4. questionWhy is there no Outline and Shadowed text styles in MacDraft 5.5.0 and above ?
    MacDraft 5.5.0 and above uses ATSUI text features of Mac OS X. ATSUI does not support these styles at the moment. When it does, MacDraft will make use of them.

  5. questionWhy won't the set grid option go below value such as 1" or greater ?
    It is complicated the way snap to grid/set grid, scaling and zoom in/out works, it's all to do with the screen resolution. The smallest movement that can be made is 1/72th of an inch (there are 72 pixels per inch on the screen) so the smallest snap to grid can only be a number which is less the ...

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