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  1. questionCan I still use my old connection cable to print from X-RIP ?
    It depends on the cable you are currently using. If the cable you are using is a Microspot Converter Tool, the answer is NO as the converter cable requires serial port. If you are using a USB to Parallel adaptor cable, it depends on the make of the cable and the printer being used. Not all USB ...

  2. questionDoes X-RIP support network printing?
    Yes. In versions 1.5 and above via TCP/IP

  3. questionDoes X-RIP work under Mac OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard)?
    Yes. X-RIP has been tested on release version of 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and found to work but only from 32 bit applications, not 64 bit. It was previously stated that apple had removed support for non-postscript printer from 10.6 but the testing had been done under development release of 10.6.

  4. questionDoes X-RIP work under Mac OSX 10.7 (Lion) ?
    X-RIP uses Print Server and a Print Client solution where one Mac acts a a Print Server (where the dongle is installed) and other Macs act as print clients and print via the Mac acting as the Print Server using Printer Sharing. Mac running Mac OSX 10.7 (Lion) can NOT be used as an X-RIP Print Se ...

  5. questionI have upgraded from Microspot X-RIP 1.5 to 1.6 but I cannot see any of the new features, what can I do?
    Delete all plotters that have been added in the Print Center utility. Then run the X-RIP un-installer provided in the Extras folder on your Microspot X-RIP CD. Now re-install Microspot X-RIP 1.6 and add your plotters again.

  6. questionIs there an intel version of X-RIP ?
    Yes. Version 1.7.0.

  7. questionMy printer is not listed in the supported printers by X-RIP, can I still drive it ?
    X-RIP supports majority of HP and Encad printers. Any printer not listed can be driven provided it supports either HP-RTL or EN-RTL using the Generic HP-RTL and EN-RTL configuration.

  8. questionWhen I print using X-RIP, the file prints but is not deleted from the queue and no further prints can be made?
    Make sure you have done a full, Easy Install of the Mac OS X.(Not a custom install)

  9. questionWhy does my X-RIP installer hang when installing it under tiger(Mac OS X 10.4.x)?
    Please make sure you are using version 1.6.4 rev 2 (tiger installer). Please contact Microspot Technical support for more information.

  10. questionWhy does X-RIP 1.7.0 not install on Mac OS less than 10.4 ?
    X-RIP 1.7.0 is universal version for intel based macs. Intel macs have only Mac OSX 10.4.x and above. For non-intel machine and/or OSX prior to 10.4.x, continue to use X-RIP 1.6.4rev2.

  11. questionWhy does X-RIP only print in monochrome when using Generic HP-RTL ?
    This is a known issue. Please contact Microspot Technical support so a work-around can be supplied. Click here to take you to Microspot Technical Support section.

  12. questionWhy is the print quality in X-RIP not the same as in Microspot Raster ?
    If you find that you are unable to print very fine lines under Mac OSX which printed perfect under Mac OS 9, this is a known issue with Mac OS X. The problem is a bug in the apple's Mac OS X anti-aliasing code. The problem is marginally fixed in 10.3 but not completely. With Mac OS 9, the data ...

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