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Why is the print quality in X-RIP not the same as in Microspot Raster ?
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If you find that you are unable to print very fine lines under Mac OSX which printed perfect under Mac OS 9, this is a known issue with Mac OS X. The problem is a bug in the apple's Mac OS X anti-aliasing code.

The problem is marginally fixed in 10.3 but not completely. With Mac OS 9, the data being passed onto drivers was vector data but with Mac OS X, it is pixel based, as we, developers of drivers, no longer have much control when printing, it is up to apple to completely fix the bug.

This does not only happen with our driver but printing in general. If you do a preview, you will see the problem is also apparent in there.

This is what the best setting are :

Mac OS 10.3 and above
VW 10.5 and above (version 12 recommended)
X-RIP 1.6.2 and above

In the print dialog, make sure that resolution is set to 300 dpi both in the Print Quality settings and in the VW options.

Pixel expansion is turned off.

If the document was created in version 8.5 of VW and opened directly in version 10 and printed, this will also print incorrectly, then you need to make sure that you redo the document in version 10.x.
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