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How do I determine which scale and units to use when creating documents ?
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MacDraft has a maximum drawing area of 56.44" x 56.44" (143.37 x 143.37 cm).

If you want to draw an object that is less than that, you choose your units, and set the scale to 1:1 and draw your object. - Once you have drawn that object, you can change the units from imperial to metric and vice-versa. If you have drawn a line that is 42 inches long, you can view that as metric which will be 106.68 cm. Your Drawing will be marked Scale 1:1 so if you give this to a person who is going to create a physical entity from it, that person takes a measuring tape and measure it, it will be 42inches or 106.68cm long.

Now suppose you want to draw plans of your new house. Unless your house is going to be very small, it's not going to fit within 56.44 at 1:1 scale so you going to have to decide how your plan is going to fit within the drawing area and how you are going to convey that to the builder. What does your builder want the plans in Inches or mm (does he buy his door as 36" or 900 mm ?).

Once you have decided the units, you decide the scale. How can you fit say 28' x 28' house plan on to 56.44" piece of paper ?. 56.44/12= 4.66. 28'/4=7 so you need a scale of at least 1:7, so 3" = 1" is 1:4, 1.5" = 1' is 1:8 or 1" = 1' is 12:1. - choose 1.5" = 1' (1:8) and then you draw your plans and the 36" doors will show up as 4.5".
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