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  1. questionCan I open documents created in Claris product in MacDraft ?
    MacDraft can only open MacDraw II documents. Documents created in any other Claris application has to re-opened in the application that created them and re-saved as MacDraw II document. If 'Save as MacDraw II' is not available as an option in the Claris application, you need to make sure that th ...

  2. questionCan I open Dreams files in MacDraft version 5.6 ?
    No, MacDraft 5.6 can only open files created by MacDraft version 4.3.5 and above. However, versions prior to 5.6 can open Dreams files and these need to be opened and re-saved in at least version 4.3.5 of MacDraft, which MacDraft 5.6 can open. You may need to add the extension .mdd to the file. ...

  3. questionCan I open files created in older version of MacDraft Pro in MacDraft Pro version 5.6 and later ?
    YES. Any files which are created by MacDraft 4.3.5 and above can just be copied over to the new mac and MacDraft 5.6 and later will open them. You may need to add the extension .mdd. IMPORTANT NOTE : Files created by version prior to 4.3.5, which contains both the data fork and resource fork, ha ...

  4. questionCan I use mu old Media Assiastant Libraries with version 6 of MacDaft Pro/PE ?
    No. Version 6 has a built-in Library Viewer so you either need to upgrade your old libraries to the newer version (V2) or update them yourself by bringing each object from the old library into version 6 document and then drag that to the newer library in the new Library Viewer.

  5. questionDoes MacDraft Pro/PE work under Mac OSX 10.7 (Lion) and later ?
    Our initial testing of both MacDraft Pro and MacDraft PE 6.0.1 found no major problems under clean install of Mac OSX 10.7 (Lion) but if any obscure bugs do surface, we will endeavor to fix and release an update ASAP. Also, version 6.0 does not support any Lion specific features. These will be ...

  6. questionHow do I determine which scale and units to use when creating documents ?
    MacDraft has a maximum drawing area of 56.44" x 56.44" (143.37 x 143.37 cm). If you want to draw an object that is less than that, you choose your units, and set the scale to 1:1 and draw your object. - Once you have drawn that object, you can change the units from imperial to metric and vice-v ...

  7. questionHow do I do a clean install of MacDraft/MacDraft P.E.
    Before you start, make sure you have your serial number handy, it will be required after the re-installation of the product. To find out the serial number, run MacDraft and from the MacDraft Menu, select 'Enter Serial Number...', accept the license agreement and a dialog will come up with your e ...

  8. questionHow do I enter/adjust tabs in text objects?
    MacDraft does not support the tab facility.

  9. questionHow do I open my older MacDraft documents created by version 1.2 in the latest version ?
    MacDraft version 1.2 documents needs to be opened in MacDraft version 2.1 and saved and this saved document needs to be opened in the latest version and saved.

  10. questionOnce I've set the defaults , how do I set them back to what they originally were ?
    There are two other ways, one to permanently reset them or just for one document. To permanently reset them, you throw the 'MacDraft Defaults' from the following folder : User:Library:Preferences:Microspot Preferences:MacDraft Preferences. To temporarily reset them, you hold down the option ke ...

  11. questionRead me says double click the installer but there is no installer, what do I do ?
    With version 5.6.1 of MacDraft, there was an issue with the installer not working correctly so it was removed and Microspot MacDraft folder was placed on the CD and to install it, just drag the Microspot MacDraft folder to the applications folder or to your desired location. For more up-to-date ...

  12. questionWhat is the difference between MacDraft Pro and MacDraft PE ?
    Main differences are as follows : Drawing size limited to 17"x17". No layers. No accessory palette. No dwg support. To view the full comparison chart, click here

  13. questionWhat is the difference between MacDraft Quartz and MacDraft Pro ?
    None. They are one and the same. MacDraft Pro (professional) is now used to distinguish between MacDraft PE (Personal Edition) and the Full version. Term 'Quartz' was originally used to distinguish between version of MacDraft (5.5) that uses the Quartz features of Mac OSX from prior versions (5 ...

  14. questionWhen I've set the defaults and gone back into Document defaults, these are not remembered, why ?
    Document defaults in MacDraft Preferences are NOT preferences but the ability for the user to take certain settings from the currently open document and have those set as defaults for all future documents. If you don't have a document open, Document Defaultlts are are not available in the MacDra ...

  15. questionWhy am I getting an error -27 when opening a dwg file
    Current version of MacDraft Pro (6.0.1) supports up to autocad 2009 format. The file being opened is created by later version of auto cad (2010/2011 format). We are currently working on 2010/2011 format. The solution in the meantime is to re-save the file from auto cad as 2009 format.

  16. questionWhy am I not able to update my version of MacDraft using the updater downloaded from the web?
    There are several reasons as follows : Make sure you are using the correct product updater. - There are MacDraft PE updaters and MacDraft Pro updaters. Make sure you are using the correct updater. - There is a version 5.5.x to 5.5.11 updater, this will only work on release versions of MacDraft 5 ...

  17. questionWhy are the palette state not remembered even if I have selected the option 'Save palette state' in the MacDraft Preferences ?
    MacDraft saves the state and location of palettes when it quits.</br> If you have no MacDraft document open, MacDraft hides the palettes. If you were then to quit MacDraft, it will store the state of palettes as 'Hidden' and when you next run MacDraft, the palettes will be hidden. </br ...

  18. questionWhy can I not change my scaled drawing from metric to inches and vise-versa ?
    In MacDraft you can draw either in inches or in metric units. Before you begin your document, you have to decide which scale and units that you wish to work in. Once you have drawn your document, unless the scale you are currently using can be expressed in the units you wish to change to, it ca ...

  19. questionWhy does it not print contents of a greyed out layer as grey ?
    Changing the layer to greyed does not change the attributes of the objects contained within the file, it merely greys the layer out so you can the outline of objects on the layer as opposed hidding the layer which, as the name suggests, hides the contents of the layer. If you to the objects in ...

  20. questionWhy is it that sometimes when I draw polylines, I can not end it with a double-click ?
    This is to do with your mouse settings. When you double click, it is not registering it as a double click but as two separate clicks. Go to your system preferences, keyboard/mouse control panel and adjust the double-click speed.

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