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I sent an email to technical support but as yet not had a reply, why ?
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- Make sure the return email address supplied is correct.
- Check you junk mail folder if one is setup, reply may have ended up in there.
- Technical support queries are answered in the order they arrive.
- Due to high volume of emails in the support account, specially after the weekend and/or bank holidays, or technical issue(s) are being investigated, in which case please bear with us, we will respond.
- Those emails that do not have word "'Technical Support Request" or name of Microspot Product in the subject line are automatically moved to the junk mail folder and this junk mail folder is only glanced through every so often, and contents are deleted every week. To avoid this, do not use subject text such as 'No Subject', 'Urgent', 'Important', 'help' or any variation such as 'help needed', 'please help', etc. as these emails are considered junk mail.

If you do not receive a reply similar to the one below, it means your email did not reach us. Check that you have sent the email to support@microspot.co.uk. If you used the on-line technical support form or you did address the email correctly to support@microspot.co.uk then our junk mail filter has prevented you from sending the email as the email address from which it is being sent from is on the list of compromised  machine used as a spamming machine. You need to  rectify that.

Please use the 'Request a Callback option' on our web - Click here to take you to the Request a callback page.

****** Technical Support auto message ****

On 'date and time "support" <support@microspot.co.uk> wrote:

This acknowledgment is automatically generated and does not require a reply.

Message Subject: "Subject you gave it",
Follow-Up: [microspot.co.uk #xxxxx]

Your request has been assigned the follow-up number listed above. When submitting a follow-up email for this request, please include the follow-up text in the subject of your e-mail.

        [microspot.co.uk #xxxxx]

Thank you,

Microspot Technical Support

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