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  1. questionCan I get a refund for a product I downloaded ?
    No. Refunds are not made for download version of the software once the serial number and the download link has been supplied. We strongly recommend that you check the suitability of the product to ensure it meets your requirements prior to purchase by trying out the demo. Click here to take you ...

  2. questionDoes Microspot have educational pricing?
    Yes, Microspot does offer price reductions for educational institutions. For more information contact sales@microspot.co.uk

  3. questionHow do I get Technical Support for Microspot products?
    In the first instance, you should contact your local dealer from where the product was purchased. If your local dealer does not offer technical support on Microspot products or is unable to help then Microspot offers free technical support to registered users via email. Click here to take you to ...

  4. questionI have not received by order/upgrade, why ?
    Payments for orders are processed by our e-commerce company called element 5. They take payment and supply the serial number and the download link for Download versions of the software. For physical products and upgrades, element 5 takes payment and pass the information onto us to supply the goo ...

  5. questionI sent an email to technical support but as yet not had a reply, why ?
    - Make sure the return email address supplied is correct. - Check you junk mail folder if one is setup, reply may have ended up in there. - Technical support queries are answered in the order they arrive. - Due to high volume of emails in the support account, specially after the weekend and/or b ...

  6. questionIs there any training available for Microspot Products ?
    Yes. Microspot offers both in-house training at our headquarters in Maidstone, Kent, UK and on-line. For further information regarding in-house training, please contact our sales department - sales@microspot.co.uk For more information regarding on-line training, Click here

  7. questionWhat are the current versions of Microspot Software ?
    Photographic: Photofix - 3.5.6 (OSX 10.2.8 to 10.4.11) Printmix - 1.2.1 (OSX 10.2.8 to 10.4.11) PhotoXtra - 2.3.1 (OSX 10.2.8 to 10.4.11) 3D Interior Design: Interiors 4.1.1 (OSX 10.4 and above) Interiors 4.0.2 (OSX 10.3.9 and above) Modeler - modeling tools have now been added to Interiors Pro. ...

  8. questionWhat are the latest versions of Microspot Software ?
    Microspot MacDraft - 6.0.1 Microspot MacDraft P.E. - 6.0.1 Microspot Interiors - 4.0.2 Microspot Interiors Professional - 4.1 3D Toolbox - 4.0.3 Microspot DWG Viewer - 1.7.1 Microspot PC Draft ...

  9. questionWhen I first launch a Microspot Product and enter the serial number, am I registering with Microspot ?
    No. The information entered in the registration dialog is to persoanlize you copy and to activate it. To register with Microspot you need to log onto Microspot's web page and supply the required details. Click here to take you to Microspot Registration form.

  10. questionWhen will my order/upgrade be delivered?
    For downloads, the download link is automatically supplied by our e-commerce company element 5 as well as the serial number, via email. For any queries, please contact element 5 customer services directly - Click here to take you to their web page. For physical orders, we receive confirmation of ...

  11. questionWhere do I find my serial number ?
    If you purchased the product from our web as a download, the serial number will be supplied to you in an email sent by element 5. If you purchased the product as a 'boxed' product, the serial number is printed on a registration card supplied in the box. If you already have the product installed ...

  12. questionWhy do get an error when I launch a Microspot application that I have just downloaded ?
    If you find that you are unable to run an Microspot application that you downloaded from the web as an archive, please make sure that you have uncompressed the .zip archive correctly. If you are using Mac OS X version 10.3.x and above, you should use the systems built-in tools to uncompress the ...

  13. questionWhy do I keep getting "shared libarary error ." ?
    If you find that you are unable to run an Microspot application that you downloaded from the web as an archive, please make sure that you have uncompressed the .zip archive correctly. If you are using Mac OS X version 10.3.x and above, you should use the systems built-in tools to uncompress the ...

  14. questionWhy does the OK button remain inactive when I enter a serial number ?
    You need to make sure of the following : you are entering a valid serial number for the product you are trying to activate. You are using the correct version of the product. You are not entering a letter "O" instead of number Zero or entering letter "l" instead of number 1. Apart from the first ...

  15. questionWhy don't the recently installed libraries do not show in the MacDraft Library Palette ?
    The problem is with your access privileges on your disk. Please follow the instructions below to rectify the problem. 1) Quit of of MacDraft Pro/MacDraft PE if running. 2) Go to your hard disk/Library/Application Support/Microspot folder and open it. 3) Hold down the option key (Copy rather than ...

  16. questionWhy is Tax at 19% when I order on-line when it is only 15% in the UK ?
    All our web sales are handled by a third-party company called Digital River trading as element 5. This is a German based company and they charge tax at German rate. If you are a company based in Europe, supplying your VAT number will make you exempt but if you are an individual, they are obliged ...

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