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Are Default setting the same as Set Defaults ?
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No, 'Default Setting' and 'Set Defaults' are not the same.

Default settings are those that when you select a tool and start to draw, how that object is drawn. For example - if you draw a rectangle, what size and color the parameter line is and what color fill that rectangle has is a default setting. When you first start up, these are taken from the application defaults which are 1 point line, solid Black with white fill.

Once you have drawn that object, you can  change it attributes by having the object selected and change the thickness of the line, color of the line and the color of the fill of the rectangle. These will reflected visually as you do them. So if you change the line thickness to 5 point, line color to Red and fill as Green. THIS WILL ONLY EFFECT THE OBJECT SELECTED.

If you were then to draw another rectangle, it will have the same as the original rectangle drawn, i.e. 1 point thickness, solid Black, white fill.

If you want to set the defaults to how the object is drawn to something else, make sure that no object is selected, set settings as required - line size 5 point, color Red, fill color Green. All lines drawn from then onwards will have 5 point Red lines and any object that has a fill will be Green fills. THIS IS ONLY IN THE SAME DOCUMENT.

Any new documents you do will still draw a rectangle in 1 point Black line with white fill.

Above is what Default Setting are, suppose now you want to 'Set Defaults' to all new documents to something else (from 1 point Black line white fill to 5 point Red line and green fills) - You do the following.

You open up a new document, with no object selected, set the settings as you want, i.e. 5 point Red line, green fills.
Go to Microspot Preferences and document defaults and check the items you want MacDraft to TAKE, from the current settings in THAT document you have open, to become defaults for all new documents. In this case, you will check the 'Fill patterns and colors' and the 'Line Settings'. (You can set other defaults such as paper size, orientation, scale,  units, etc by setting then to what you want in the document and then selecting these option in the document defaults dialog).

Any new documents you create will have the defaults as you have just set. If you were to go back into the Documents Defaults dialog in the preferences dialog, it will NOT reflect that you have set defaults before or which ones,  as these are NOT preferences but defaults where you are basically saying, take these settings in the document I currently have open and make the following defaults. if have no document open, document defaults will not be available as these is no document to take the defaults from.

Once these defaults are set, how do you set them back to what they originally were ?

- Set the defaults on the current documents to what they were before you changed them and then use the set defaults for all the options in the document defaults - not practical as one would not know what they were.

- Or, there are two other ways, one to permanently reset them or just for one document. To permanently reset them, you throw the 'MacDraft Defaults' from the following folder :
User:Library:Preferences:Microspot Preferences:MacDraft Preferences. To  temporarily  reset them, you hold down the option key when doing New Document in MacDraft.

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