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How do I do a clean install of Interiors/Interiors Pro ?
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Before you start, make sure you have your serial number handy, it will be required after the re-installation of the product.
To find out the serial number, run Interiors/Interiors Pro and from the Interiors/Interiors Pro Menu, select 'Enter Serial Number...', accept the license agreement and a dialog will come up with your existing serial number, note it down and then do cancel.

1) Quit out the Interiors/Interiors Pro if running.
2) Log in as admin user, if not already done so.
3) Go into your applications folder and remove the folder named 'Microspot Interiors/Interiors Pro' folder.
4) Go into your hard disk:Library folder:Application Support folder and throw the folder named 'Microspot'
5) Go into your hard disk:Library folder:Receipts folder and throw away any file that starts with 'Interiors' and ends in '.pkg', (view as a list in name order so that they are viewed closer to one another).
6) Go into your Users:User:Library:Preferences folder and throw away the following, if they exist, (view as a list so that they are viewed closer to one another) :

any file that starts with 'Microspot Interiors....'
any file that starts 'uk.co.microspot.interiors ....'

7) Empty the trash.

8) From the finder do command F (find file) and set the Option to 'Name' contains 'Interiors'  AND 'Kind' is 'applications' and see if you find any, if you do, delete it. Make sure you are using the find file rather than spotlight to look search as it will give different results.

9) Re-install.
10) Download the libraries from the 3D User area (available via the help menu in Interiors/Interiors Pro) and install them.

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