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Can I open Dreams files in MacDraft version 5.6 ?
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No, MacDraft 5.6 can only open files created by MacDraft version 4.3.5 and above.

However, versions prior to 5.6 can open Dreams files and these need to be opened and re-saved in at least version 4.3.5 of MacDraft, which MacDraft 5.6 can open. You may need to add the extension .mdd to the file.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Files created by Dreams, which contains both the data fork and resource fork, has to be treated with special care in order to maintain data integrity as moving these files to a non HFS file system and/or emailed uncompressed will strip the files of it's resource fork. The resource fork contains important information regarding the document such as units used, scale, layers, etc.

The safest way to transfer these files from the old computer, running OS prior to OSX, to a new computer running Mac OSX, is to open these files on the old computer in an intermediate version (4.3.5 to 5.5.11) and re-save them. Then these can be transferred to the new computer.

Another way is to put the files in a folder on the original machine that created them, compress the folder using something like drop stuffit and move them to the new location and uncompress them. Run the intermediate version under classic environment and open and re-save these files.

If needed, intermediate version of MacDraft can be made available, on request to registered user, by our technical support department. Click here to take you to Microspot Technical Support section.

If the files have already been moved to the new location without doing the above, it is not possible to open these files in MacDraft as the required information has been lost.
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