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MacDraft Personal Ed. 6.2

Easy to use home plan and vector drawing software for mac

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  • Chantelle Frostick

    Gardening Hobbyist

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    I have always loved the idea of designing gardens and MacDraft PE made that possible. I can quickly put together designs using drag & drop libraries and easy to use tools.
  • Phil Bunker

    Graphic & Digital Designer

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    In 3 hours I was able to layout and draw an illustration using MacDraft Personal Edition. It has become the only app I use for all my vector design and page layout work.
  • Alan J Maki

    Architect & Floor Plan Designer

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    With easy to use tools, that help with the layout process, you will be up and running in minutes. You can use and create drag and drop libraries, which will save you time.
  • Aaron Lamb

    Digital Vector Artist

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    Thanks for the great vector tools and cool color controls. This has given me all the professional tools I need to create vibrant illustrations without the professional price tag.
  • Microspot Team

    Illustration just for fun

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    We were inspired by an original image and just for fun, created our own vector version. With a dash of color and a sprinkle of imagination who knows what you could create.

Plan ahead - Floor plan layout made easy

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Floor Plan

MacDraft PE - Floor plans in minutes

Vecrtor Symbols

Drag & Drop Symbols

Dimensions Icon

Precise Dimensions

Layers Icon

Layer your Drawings

Scales Icon

Smart Scales & Units

Materials Icon

Repeatable Materials

Walls Icon

Intuitive Wall Drawing

Green Fingers? - Imagine a new garden

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Garden Plan

MacDraft PE - Your gardening buddy

Precise Lines

Surface Materials

Precise Lines

Symbol Libaries

Precise Lines

Alignment & Snapping

Precise Lines

A Bunch of Shapes

Precise Lines

Freeform & Control

Precise Lines

Bring your Designs to Life

Easy vector drawing - Embrace your creativity

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Vector Lion

MacDraft PE - Draw like a Pro

Precise Lines

Precise Lines & Curves

Precise Lines

Tracing & Referencing

Precise Lines

Share & Publish

Precise Lines

Favourite Vector Shapes

Precise Lines

Symbol Libaries

Precise Lines

Beautiful Colors & Blends

Learning & Support

Sharing with Friends & Family

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I open my MacDraft documents in another application like Adobe Illustrator, and work on them?
YES, you can export your MacDraft document as a PDF. This can then be opened and edited in Adobe Illustrator.
Is there any difference between the student version of MacDraft PE and the normal version?
The student version is exactly the same as the normal and has no limitations. Files can be transfered between both versions.
Can I transfer my custom gradients and patterns in other documents, so I dont have to recreate them?
YES, you can apply the gradients and patterns to objects and create a library or paste them into another document.
Am I able to upgrade to the professional version and will I be able to open my PE files in the Pro version.
What is MacDraft Personal Edition and who is it for? Am I able to use it for illustration as well as plan layout?
Do I need to register my Microspot product to be eligible for support? If so where can I do this?
Can i use the Library palette to create my own libraries and can I share those with other people and documents?
YES, you can create your own libraries, using the New Library option. You can also share your libraries with friends.
Do you offer training for your products, if so how much does it cost and can it be done over the internet?
Are there any additional libraries available for purchase and am I able to edit them to personalise them for myself?

MacDraft P.E.

Available as a digital download. Should you require a CD you can contact us directly for availability.

Take your designs to the next level and upgrade your products to the latest versions. There are various upgrade options available, depending on what version you’re using.
Register your product and take advantage of the benifits. Product registration gains access to free email and phone support as well as exclusive deals to registered users.
Do you have a question, query or are you experiencing an issue? Then contact the Support team or use the Live Chat and they will answer any queries you may have.

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